Privacy Policy Softwareske LTD

This Privacy Policy is a summary of Softwareske’s LTD policies, procedures and regulations governing the collection, management and use of personal and other information that you disclose while using our website ( it also informs you of your rights and outlines the choices you have with regard to exercising your privacy while using our website.

The Softwareske LTD ('Us', 'We' or 'Softwareske') Privacy Policy covers every person using our website ( i.e. the ‘site’), sub domains, related websites and any services we offer (The ‘Service’).

We are committed to protecting your information and will never sell your information to third parties for monetary or other purposes.

1. Services we offer

Softwareske offers a variety of services including Website design, Wordpress development, Search Engine Optimization, Bulk SMS, Mobile App Development and others. In addition, we provide Social Media Management tools that help you improve customer engagement, facilitate easy management of multiple social media accounts and ease post scheduling and message sending.

2. Personal information we collect directly from you

This is information we collect directly when you interact with our site by opening an account with, providing email addresses, login a customer service complaint or placing and paying for a service. It includes any information you provide via email, telephone, credit card, and other communication channels.

We collect your account details such as name, address, organization, billing and payment information, services ordered and type of plan, team members you are dealing with and transaction history.

We also collect information from social media accounts that you connect to accounts that you have opened with us. This information includes Facebook and Twitter handles and pictures, usernames, sent posts, engagement data, Pinterest boards and others. We use this information to improve on the services that Softwareske provides to you.

3. Personal information automatically collected from social media sites and via login devices.

This is information that is collected automatically when you visit our site or use our service. It includes details such as your IP address, geographic location, device type and identification number, third party sites you may have clicked through to from our site, advertisements you click on , browser type and others.

We collect this information through cookies and other tracking technologies and only use it to improve your experience on our site.

We occasionally display third party beacons and advertisements on the Softwareske website . if you choose to click and view content from third party websites, your information may be collected directly by these sites and is governed by each particular site’s privacy policy.

Softwareske may also link back to other websites which collect your information by placing cookies on your computer or mobile device. Always ensure that you read through each site’s privacy policy before providing any information as different sites have different policies with regard to the collection, protection and sharing of your information.

4. What we do with your information

Softwareske uses the information you provide for the following purposes:

  • Provide you with services you have expressed an interest in by setting up your user account, processing payments and managing your account.
  • Improve the services and security that we provide by paying attention to your log data, customer service queries, search history, preferences and other details.
  • Open communication channels with you that enable us to provide customer service, help you manage your account and periodically send you offers and advertisements via email about new products and services.
  • To discover and prevent instances of fraud and other illegal activities while reporting spam and taking steps to protect your data.
  • Share your comments, feedback and other content on social media platforms.
  • Use email addresses to send you information about updates, security alerts, support messages and other information pertinent to your account to ensure a seamless experience.
  • Carry out operational tasks such as Site/Service administration, analytics, meeting contractual and other agreements needed to fulfil legal requirements.

5. Parties we may disclose your information to

We disclose information, with your consent, to the following parties:

Service providers: We may disclose your information to third party service providers to enable them perform the services we have contracted them for. Service providers we may share your information with include; payment processors, marketers and advertisers, database managers, domain registrars, market application developers and others.

Employees, independent contractors and resellers: All employees and independent contractors associated with Softwareske will have access to the portion of your personal information that they need to perform their duties. These parties are bound by confidentiality agreements which prevent them from sharing your information with third parties.

In addition, we may provide your information to reselling partners so that they can contact you with offers about products and services that are similar to others you have purchased from us before.

Fraud prevention bodies, law enforcement and government agencies: We may disclose your personal information to fraud prevention bodies as well as law enforcement and government agencies in order to comply with legal requirements.

Further, we may provide information to aid in the investigation and prevention of fraudulent activities, ensure the safety of people in danger and protect our service from any illegal activity.

Business sales or transfers/mergers/acquisitions/bankruptcies Softwareske may sell or transfer your information to another entity as part of a merger, takeover or business reorganization. We may also transfer your information in the event of a bankruptcy to a receiver or other party. We will inform you if this happens so that you can go through the privacy policies of the new owners and opt out if you do not agree with the new rules and regulations.

6. How we safeguard your information and keep it private

Softwareske protects your information in several ways; first of all, we ensure that all employees and independent contractors receive pre-requisite training in security and privacy so that they do not unwittingly disclose your information to third parties. We also have them sign confidentiality agreements that restrict them from selling, disclosing or otherwise revealing your information to others.

Secondly, we use multi factor authentication to ensure that only you can access password protected information. Further, we encrypt all the information on our website to protect it from hackers and other persons seeking illegal access.

Finally, once we no longer need your information, we delete it to prevent anyone else from gaining access to it and only retain it if the law stipulates holding on to it for longer periods of time.

7. Your data protection rights and choices

Softwareske adheres to local and international laws governing the processing of information we have collected through the use of cookies and other tracking technologies. You can expect to enjoy the following data protection rights when you use our services;

  • The right to access, correct or request deletion of any information you may have provided. Please note that exercising this right may affect the services you can access.
  • The right to opt out of advertisements and other marketing communications sent to you. You can do this by clicking the unsubscribe button.
  • The right to report unauthorised collection and use of your personal information. You can report this to local data protection agencies and any other body dealing with privacy laws.

8. Children’s privacy

Softwareske targets individuals above the age of 18 and as such we do not collect information from minors. We also adhere to local (Kenyan) and international laws governing children’s privacy. Any information that we unwittingly collect from minors is immediately deleted from our databases and servers.

9. Changes and updates to this privacy policy

We update our Privacy Policy periodically and will inform our users of any updates and changes by posting the new Policy on our website. We may also make changes that have a significant impact on your privacy rights and will ensure to inform you of these via email or other messaging services to enable you to adjust yourself accordingly.

10. Disputes and complaint resolution

We have a data officer who is dedicated to resolving disputes and dealing with any complaints you may have. You can reach us on for further information about our dispute resolution process.

11. How to contact us

If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy or about our services in general, please email us at In addition you can visit us at the following location:

Sultan House, Opposite KCB Leadership Center, Ngong View Road, Karen, Nairobi, Kenya

You can also telephone us using these numbers: +254-736-222-322 / +254-720-432-956

This Privacy Policy takes effect from 15 November 2019.