Softwareske Terms of Service

Effective Date: 16/11/2019


General definitions and provisions

This is a binding contract (hereafter referred to as ‘Terms’) between you or the entity/individuals you represent (‘User’ and collectively ‘Users’), and Softwareske LTD (‘Us’, ‘We’ or ‘Softwareske’). These Terms of Service govern your use of Softwareske products and services.


Parts of this agreement

These terms consist of ‘General terms and conditions and may also include terms governing individual use of our services.

Acceptance of terms

Users must be of legal age to use our service. You must accept our terms of service in order to access and use our services. Acceptance is via a checkbox or clicking an acceptance button available on our site.

Overview of our Services

We provide wordpress development, SEO, Mobile App Development, ecommerce, Bulk Sms and Social Media Management services. You may use our services for individual or business purposes.

User signup and eligibility

You must be at least 13 years old in order to access our services. In addition, users must adhere to the following conditions; a) comply with all laws and regulations governing the use of internet services, b) Not have been suspended or barred from using our services due to breach of terms c) Not be a competitor for our products and services

To sign up for our services, you must provide accurate details about yourself and any entities that you represent and ensure to update these details periodically to reflect any significant changes. You have the option to add users to your account; however, all users must agree to be bound to our terms of service.

Users are required to take vigilant steps to prevent unauthorised access of our services and cooperate with the Softwareske team to stop this access in the event of a breach.

Subscriptions available

We offer a number of membership plans which you can sign up for upon signing up for an account or any time you need to access different products and services. You may opt out of our services any time by accessing your account settings or sending an email to

Privacy of information

To learn more about how we protect the information you supply us with, please read our ‘Privacy Policy’. You are however responsible for your passwords, username and other confidential information.

Payment terms

You may pay for our services in advance or upon receipt of an invoice issued by us. Payment is also due upon completion of projects and may be made via cash, cheque or mobile transfer.

We set our prices after thorough consultation and by taking into account what the market is charging. We continuously update the prices on our website to ensure you have an accurate picture of how much we charge for each service.

Softwareske reserves the right to change prices periodically and will notify you of changes in advance.

Proprietary rights

Softwareske retains proprietary rights over all software, graphics, computer code, design, data and other elements and resources used to supply services to you. Physical assets and materials are also the property of Softwareske or third party agents and can only be used with express authorisation of the same.


You may not; use Softwareske services for illegal purposes, interfere with security features, open an account with fraudulent details or copy or modify our products or services.

Termination of contract

You may terminate your contract at any time via email or other communication. Please note that you may have to forfeit prepaid or unused amounts. In addition, unpaid amounts fall due immediately upon informing us of your intention to terminate.

Softwareske may also terminate a contract in the event of fraud, illegal use of our services, non payment of fees and failure to comply with other terms of service.